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Unwrap Fashion festival

A campaign created for the UNWRAP fashion festival of LSAD (Limerick School of Art & Design), a two person group project. The aim of this project was to raise awareness for the college through this exhibition and for the city of Limerick to be buzzing with excitement for its opening. The concept of this project was to take both elements of Fashion and Fashion Knit & Textiles, using the body as a frame work for their design. The wireframe represents the starting point for both disciplines and the artwork within the wireframe contains the work that shows how differently the two disciplines take this approach.

The gif created as part of the social media content consists of images that show the process and steps taken in order to get to their final artwork. The wire frame of the F shows that both disciplines don't just work with the body but create artwork to be displayed. Just because it is a garment that does not mean it has to be worn. The wire frame identity created, representing fashion and fashion knit, also represents all the work and planning that goes in to what they do. The campaign consists of posters, social media assets, advertising in the environment to help raise awareness of the fashion festival and other items
such as a catalogue cover and badges for the festival.

Co-designed by: @AmyWhite.Design
Asset 2.png
Artboard 35_edited.png
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