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 Book Design 

The year that changed everything

The year of 1969 was a memorable year for a lot of reasons. UFO sightings, the Manson Family murders, The Beatles releasing their eleventh studio album, Abbey road etc. One of the less spoken about reasons being the serial murders by the serial killer, Gerard Schaefer. Gerard Schaefer, after graduating high school became a teacher but was fired for inappropriate behaviour, he then turned to priesthood which was declined and left him with the choice of becoming a police officer.  

He was imprisoned in 1973 for murders he committed as a policeman. A convicted necrophilic 
serial killer, abductor, hebephile, ephebophile and cannibal. This book was created in the form of a criminal profile from the perspective of a police officer. The use of typographic elements and imagery paints a picture of the process a police officer would take in creating a criminal profile on Gerard Schaefer. A criminal profile is used to reveal the behavioural make up of an offender. The grain treatment used on the images was to create the aesthetic of film photography which was used back then. The chosen font used throughout the book was inspired by typewriters which were used to create these reports and profiles. The treatment of the typography is to reflect the workings of Gerard Schaefer who was an organised criminal, all his crimes were carefully planned and premeditated.
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