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Gxrlcode: Sound Waves

Content creation for the creative collective 'Gxrlcode' based in Dublin, Ireland. Sound Waves was a concept started by myself where I reached out to creatives of all types via social media to collaborate on curating playlists that made them feel good, accompanied by an image of their choice and a sentence about how the music makes them feel or what it meant to them. This project was to showcase the importance of music and its importance in peoples everyday life and how it inspires them. The inspiration for the logo/look & feel of the series came from the name and was also inspired by how music makes one feel. The treatment applied to the logo was to replicate waves. The repetition of the logo was used to catch the attention of the viewer and to make it memorable. The colour choice of black and off white were chosen for simplicity and to compliment the logo, this minimalistic was decided upon to make the music the main focus.
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