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Irish Women in Music

This campaign explores the reality of women who do music in Ireland and promotes their work. The aim of this campaign is to inspire other women and showcase what is happening in the music scene in Ireland for women. Male artists are promoted more in the music scene, not giving space for women in the scene, very little is known about female artists in Ireland. Support is a key aspect for promoting artists, it determines whether they are succesful or not. The goal is to raise awareness on female musicians, promote them, support them and get others to support too.

As we highlight and showcase female musicians in Ireland, we remind the younger generation to not give up on their dreams and show them that through the help of supporting each other we can reach our goals. Creating a buzz that catches peoples attention and pulls them in. Through the use of posters, billboards, social media content, guerrilla advertising (stickers), leaflets and flyers, we inspire others to support their local female musicians and to get them to share the campaign
as a way of raising awareness on the topic. The images used were taken at an event promoting Irish musicians run by 'Gxrlcode', which is a female led creative collective based in Dublin, Ireland. Creating an emblem that could be transferred and memorable was the main goal of this project with the use of bright colours and eye catching graphics.
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