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Nathali Turner is a multidisciplinary creative of a Nigerian-Irish heritage, she graduated from the Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD) in 2019 with a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design Communications. She took part in a female led creative collective called 'GXRLCODE' which aims to amplify female talent worldwide. After college, she continued working alongside GXRLCODE (@GXRLCODE) while also pursuing freelance work. Working together with her team members, she created content, mainly focused around the topic of music and building a platform for women in all creative fields. This allowed herself, as a creative to explore different aspects of creativity such as creative direction, working on sets and collaborating with other creatives in other creative fields, music curation, event production, alongside her creative team members. She co-created social media content and promotional
work for both the collective and it's events.

She created content for an initiative called Black Inclusive Curriculum Ireland (@BICIreland), where she
co-created content highlighting the importance of black history in the school curriculum. Notably, she curated playlists such as Sound Waves: Day & Night for Dublin Fringe Festival and illustrated a front-page cover of The Dublin Inquirer newspaper. Her work is inspired by a mix of fantasy, minimalism, big & bold graphics, music, fashion and pop culture. Her aim is to create a mesh of her own world with reality, making the world a brighter place through design. She specialises in Illustration, Cover art/Posters, Social content and has skills
in Motion Graphics.
Check out the playlists I curated
for Dublin Fringe Festival:

Check out the playlists I curated

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